Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finally in Piura, Peru!

We are finally here in Piura, Peru and all settled into Sacramento Santisimo. The past two days have been very rough. We didn't end up getting to do anything in Lima due to Marianne getting very sick and having to go to the hospital Thursday night. We were there all night and then all day Friday, luckily she was well enough to be discharged and able to make our 6:30am flight this morning. None of us had to get separated which was the main goal we all wanted to achieve. It was very stressful but the five of us girls grew as individuals but also together as a unit. We are all just so happy to finally be here and have real beds to sleep in rather than hospital rooms, chairs and floors.

Everyone here at Santisimo is very welcoming! They greets us with hugs and the little kids run up to us and want hugs and want to hold our hands. Not many people speak English but they do a pretty good job of speaking slowly or trying to explain it differently in Spanish so we can understand. I really enjoy talking with the younger girls because they ask simple questions such as "what is your favorite sport? what is your favorite color?" etc, and it helps to boost my confidence and working with my Spanish conversation.

Before lunch we toured one of the public hospitals in Piura, the nursing home and orphanage. These are three of the places that we will be having our clinicals. We had a delicious lunch in which after we had our "seista" and we all took very much needed naps. After our naps we toured the city of Piura, it was difficult to understand a lot of it because our tour guide (someone who works at the church) spoke only Spanish, but I am picking up words better and can make out the general point he is trying to get across even if I don't know exactly everything he said.

Now we are heading to church and dinner will follow after. I think there may be a fiesta tonight due to a couple birthdays of members of the church!

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