Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dance and Love

Today started off by going to mass at San Jacinto and having lunch after at their retreat center. There was a very large group of us because about 25 people from St. Patrick’s church in Chicago came down for the week. So right now there are a lot of people staying here at the parish!

In the afternoon we went to Madre del Redentor, which is an orphanage for girls. Most of the girls come from abusive families or dangerous parts of Piura and the surrounding jungle. This is kind of like a safe house for them and the only opportunity for them to get an education and possibly even stay alive. We pulled into the orphanage and immediately the girls were running up to the trucks and starting to grab our hands. Two little girls, Marvel and Esmeralda, grabbed my hands immediately and didn’t leave my side for the afternoon. They are both twelve and the sweetest girls I have ever met. They asked me what my favorite color was, what I liked to do, how many siblings I had, my favorite sport, etc. These girls are starving to love and be loved, and I was very happy to fill that void, even if for only a couple hours.The girls took us to their little “shop” and we were able to buy things that they have made. At the orphanage the girls learn how to sew and make bracelets, necklaces, rosaries, etc. Besides donations, this is how most of the money for the orphanage is made. They then took us to a patio area where they then performed a dance a couple of the girls made up and a couple traditional jungle dances. They even got us up to dance to the Macarena and Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie. While we were waiting for the trucks, Marvel and Esmeralda took me to their dormitories and showed me their beds and their class schedule. They taught me some Spanish words and I taught them some English. One of the sisters who runs the orphanage, knows English very well and they have English class once a week! It was so sad when we had to leave, the girls had wrapped their arms around me and didn’t want to let go. After we had gotten into the trucks, the girls walked along side holding our hands until we reached the gate. It was such a great afternoon and I hope we can go back, but I don’t think our schedule will allow us. L

Esmeralda, myself and Marvel.

Here is a video of one of the jungle dances that the girls performed for us!

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  1. Rachy:
    So sorry to miss you at Fourth of July holidays but you seem to be getting along great in the Southern Hemisphere. I loved the sawdust pictures and this story about your twelve year old companions was awesome. I was feeling some of the same anxiety when I decided to teach at Elder and leave the daily "hugs" of all the little students at St. Lawrence who love their gym teacher - Mr. Rogers! -- dad