Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is this real life?

Since we get our Sundays off, today we ventured an hour to the beach! :) We started off by stopping in a little fisherman village and boarded what only seemed like a couple planks of wood and a motor. We were floating around hundreds of fishing boats when we turned the car and saw a bank full of sea loins! They were the fattest things I have ever seen! They all just kind of laid there as we drove our little boat by multiple times. There also were a couple skinnier ones that were swimming in the water catching fish! They were so cute!! 

Here is a picture of them all hanging out on the bank:

 We then drove about another 30 minutes and arrived at this lovely resort right on the beach. Of course I headed right to the beach and jumped right in. About 10 minutes of jumping in some waves and swimming around, one of the church workers informed us that they have quite a lot of stingrays in these parts of the water so I got out pretty quick and the rest of the day enjoyed the ocean from my towel. :) We had lunch at the resort and then I spent the rest of the day just laying on the beach. We have been working so hard these past two weeks that it was so nice to just lay around all day. I totally even forgot that we have our huge aggregate project due on Friday!

Here is a view of the resort from the beach.

Marianne and I at lunch!

All of us ladies by the pool!

On Sundays, the chefs have the afternoon and evening off so the church gets take out for us! The past two Sundays we have had what is equivalent to like KFC, which is ok, but because we always eat chicken and potatoes it kind of got old. Well this evening we got CHINESE!! It was some of the best Chinese food I have ever had! I never thought Peru would make Chinese food so well! After that a couple of the other missionaries invited us to go get ice cream, so obviously I went. Let's just say I am super stuffed and had to change into sweatpants as soon as I got back. 

Even though I had such a lovely day, I have to come back to reality and start to crack down on this aggregate assignment. And I believe my teaching project is on Friday. So that means I will have the aggregate presentation AND my teaching project in the SAME DAY! Blogs may be few this week so I apologize in advance! Sending love and happy thoughts to you all! 

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